Parental References

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Hundreds of parents are happy to be contacted.

E-mail say which country you would like references from and they will be supplied.

Here are the 70 countries we have had young people from between 1973 and 2022:

Abu Dhabi   Angola   Andorra   Argentina   Azerbaijan   Austria   Belarus   Belgium   Brazil   Britain   Bulgaria   Canada   China   Congo   Croatia   Cyprus   Benmark   Dubai   Estonia   Faroe Islands   Finland   France   Germany   Greece   Hong Kong   Hungary   Iceland   Indonesia   Israel   Italy   Jamaica   Japan   Jordan   Kazakhstan   Korea   Kuwait   Latvia   Lebanon   Liechtenstein   Lithuania   Luxemburg   Macau   Moldova   Monaco   Morocco   Mozambique   Netherlands   Norway   Poland   Portugal   Qater   Romania   Russia   Saudi Arabia   Senegal   Senegal   Serbia   Slovenia   Spain    Sweden   Switzerland   Syria   Taiwan   Tunisia   Turkey   UAE   Ukraine   USA   Uzbekistan   Venezuela



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