Accommodation - and more

Everything is 'on-campus'. The Course is fully residential. We provide dormitories for 2, 3 or 4 people. Some are en-suite.

Accommodation is:

  • generally shared (to promote English-speaking)
  • girls and boys are in different buildings
  • we aim to have a mixture of nationalities and a similarity of ages in the dormitory
  • some bedrooms have 4 beds
  • some have 3 beds
  • some have 2 beds with en-suite bathroom
  • some single rooms with en-suite bathroom are available on request - mail

Students aged 10-13 are usually in dormitories of 3 or 4 in Howard House. Students aged 14 and over live in the Manor House or one of the other buildings on the campus. Bedtime is at 22.30 although it may be extended to 22.45.

Students can express a preference although the final decision is made by the school.

Returning students can ask to be with friends.

We provide bed linen. This is washed every week.

Clothes are washed twice a week.

Towels must be brought.

Here are some views of typical rooms...

null Girls' dorm in Manor House
Girls' dorm in Manor House
Boys' dorm in Mansell House
En-suite in Lane Fox House
Common room in Mansell House
Entrance to Lane Fox
A classroom area
A classroom layout with electronic blackboard
Dulverton Hall - the theatre
Blount Hall - the dining room
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